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I have experimented with blogging several times but never stuck with it. 2013 was the Wordpress based attempt. I like books, podcasts, and pizza.

Crunching (comics) numbers – February

In December, I made a short post about what a month of comics looks like for me numbers-wise, which involved one of my favorite things: obsessing over weird shit. This month, I brought it back with 5000% more pretty graphs and exactly as much talk about ladies in comics.

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Last week’s comics…



I was out of town for almost a month, and apparently, this is what I missed…
This is slightly more than normal, as I am trying a lot of the new Marvel #1s. Still, it’s a good idea of my level of addiction, so I thought I would do a short breakdown of what I bought.

There are 57 single issues: 17 from Marvel, 11 from both Image & DC (+3 from Vertigo), 5 from Dark Horse & IDW, 2 from Boom!, and one each from Oni, Action Lab, & Red 5.
Six of the Marvel books are #1s and five more are #2s. Which I guess means Marvel Now was successful for me…

Also, 26 of the books were female-led, or a female was one of two leads (e.g., Multiple Warheads), which is actually a really good portion (45%). In addition, several more that had females in the main group (e.g., Demon Knights, Bravest Warriors). Of course, it’s also intentional, as I am far more likely to try something with a prominent female character (as long as she isn’t extremely sexualized). Also, 14 of the comics had a female writer, artist, or colorist, which is… not a lot, considering that I go out of my way to try comics by ladies.

I really enjoy figuring out the numbers of the comics I buy, so I might do this again—if I can keep things organized.

The Doctor Apocalypse and Baron Von Evilstein Show – Episode 3


This week we talk about the releases of Captain America and Black Widow #636, the Manhattan Projects, and the Massive; being excited for Red She-Hulk #58, Mind the Gap Volume 1: Intimate Strangers, Godzilla: Half Century War #2, Avatar: The Last Airbender- The Promise Volume 3, and Batman Incorporated #0; and the awesomeness of All-Star Superman, Northlanders, Pride of Baghdad, and Atomic Robo. Also, the Harvey Awards happened, so we talk about some winners.

Look at that, I wrote a real summary thing.