Jordie Bellaire Colors Your Perspective

This was a post that I was getting edited to go up on ComicsAlliance when AOL shut them down, so I’m posting it here.

08 Cover

Since her debut work in Malignant Man for Boom! Studios in 2010, Jordie Bellaire has become one of the most exciting and recognizable colorists in comics. From coloring projects like Immortals: Gods and Monsters at Archaia, all the way working on DC’s Action Comics, Marvel’s Season One Hulk and Doctor Strange graphic novels, and successful independent projects like Brian Wood and Ming Doyle’s Mara, it’s gotten to a point where her name alone attracts me to a new project.

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Clever Titles are for Better Writers Comics Round-Up 04/24/13

It’s been a surprisingly good week for me, if you were at all curious about the man behind the curtain, the wizard behind the Oz. But who cares about that, let’s talk about a week of comics that was probably way better than it needed to be. TEBIOS! Because hell, I think this gimmick has legs, at least until I run out of recognizable languages to translate it into.

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Clever Titles are for Better Writers Comics Round-Up 04/17/13

The Netflix original series House of Cards is about as well set-up and firmly grounded as an actual house of cards built by your extraordinarily dull cousin, except the house he built is probably better written. Negativity’s in the air tonight, maybe to make up for the good week of comics. KOMIKSY, sometimes you want to translate a word a bunch of times because introductions are hard to do properly.

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Troll Hunter – the Banality of Heroism

I recently watched Troll Hunter, a found-footage movie set in Sweden Scotland some european country Norway, which took a really interesting position on heroism. I talk about it below, with SPOILERS obviously, but really, just watch the movie. It’s 1 hour, 30 minutes, streaming on Netflix.

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Clever Titles are for Better Writers Comics Round-Up 04/10/13

“If music be the food of love, play on,” wrote Shakespeare, but we don’t care about that because his plays didn’t have pictures, and comics don’t have music. C.O.M.I.C.S: Come, Our Menagerie Is Crumbling Swiftly.

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Clever Titles are for Better Writers Comics Round-Up 04/03/13

Another week, and another pretty phenomenal week for comics. Sure, 90% of that is because of James Stokoe, but heck, what more do you need? COMICS! Sometimes they are great.

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