The Doctor Apocalypse & Baron von Evilstein Show: Special Matt Fraction Episode!


This This is a special extended look at one of our favorite writers, Matt Fraction. Our friend Mike joins us as we the Immortal Iron Fist, Casanova, and more. Enjoy.

The Doctor Apocalypse and Baron Von Evilstein Show – Episode 3


This week we talk about the releases of Captain America and Black Widow #636, the Manhattan Projects, and the Massive; being excited for Red She-Hulk #58, Mind the Gap Volume 1: Intimate Strangers, Godzilla: Half Century War #2, Avatar: The Last Airbender- The Promise Volume 3, and Batman Incorporated #0; and the awesomeness of All-Star Superman, Northlanders, Pride of Baghdad, and Atomic Robo. Also, the Harvey Awards happened, so we talk about some winners.

Look at that, I wrote a real summary thing.