Who Are We?

The Doctor Apocalypse and Baron von Evilstein Blog/Show/Lifestyle is a labor of love for comics. It began as a group of friends who got together to hang out, drink beer, and talk about comics, and has since evolved into what you see today. An offhand comment about making a public access show evolved into the real thing when it turned out people from our local community TV channel were big comic book fans, and eventually the blog was created as well.

Mary got a B.Sc. in Ecology, only to decide she might actually want to edit things for a living. Now she’s interning at Archaia to learn about graphic novel publishing, and hoping that she will some day remember to edit videos. She’s also the only one with a semi-serious bio.

Leif is metafiction.

Trish once killed a man in Reno just to watch him die. Now she hides out with us at the Doc ‘Poc. She really likes dragons, probably because they can kill people.

Nate is a life-size Bruce Campbell action figure, X-Men scholar, and Warren Ellis fangirl.

Ziah really writes news for Comics Alliance, but he sticks around because he likes us. Mostly because we send him pictures of bears and Space Jam.

You can contact us at thedoctorapocalypse@gmail.com

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