The Doctor Apocalypse & Baron von Evilstein Show – Episode 8

This episode we finally (vocally) disagree about a comic, although, as usual, no one else reads the thing I suggest. Sigh.

As usual, the show is not necessarily appropriate for kids, especially the :50-:55 second marks. Just so you know.

We then have a special segment about the first year-ish of the DC New 52, how our reading habits have changed since the relaunch, and our favorite books from the initiative.

The Doctor Apocalypse & Baron von Evilstein Show – Episode 6

This episode, we switch around the format a bit in order to better catch up on the couple of weeks we’ve missed. Also, apparently my cohorts don’t know anything about Joey freaking Comeau, and I’m not around to illuminate them. Still, Trisha sticks the landing.