Clever Titles are for Better Writers Comics Round-Up 03/20/13 AND 03/27/13

Hey look! I have returned from the ashes, like a tiny child playing in the fireplace too long. Let’s bring it back with a bang as I talk about too many comics over the last two weeks, and I probably regret doing this. Ready? Let’s start.

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Clever Titles are for Better Writers Comics Round-Up 02/27/13

Got some marbles? Do you have all the marbles? HA! I thought not. But you don’t care, you’ve got comics, and sometimes that’s ok. It’s nice here, in Comicsland. It’s warm, and numb, and sometimes these little stapled bits of paper might make you feel something. COMICS! Read ’em or weep.

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Clever Titles are for Better Writers Comics Round-Up 01/23/12

It’s a big week, and I talk a lot. Sorry suckers. Good thing you ain’t paying to read this, huh? Also, fun fact: Bears are sometimes known to kill people and wear their skin like a disguise, so that they may infiltrate human society. Are your friends bears right now? Would you even know? No. You wouldn’t. Not until it’s too late. (Fake Editor’s Note: I don’t even know, but he wouldn’t let me delete it) Anyway, here’s comics.

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