Clever Titles are for Better Writers Comics Round-Up 02/05/12

I don’t have a clever opening for you this week, because guys, those are hard to do new every week. Come on, now. Here’s a pun for you, though! Answer’s after the jump!

Q: What is the best number of cake puns to know?

A: 13! A baker’s dozen worth.

Adventure Time with Fiona & Cake #2 written and drawn by Natasha Allegri, lettered by Britt Wilson. “Cootie Power” backup written and illustrated by Lucy Knisley:

“It’s kitty-litter. Of course it’s poopy. It’s super poopy.”

While two of the biggest comic publishing companies in the world seem intent on destroying every chance to attract younger readers, kaBOOM! continues to put out quality comics for all ages. I’m running out of flattering words to use for their tie-ins because they’re all similarly humorous, well-drawn, and contentpacked. Suffice it to say, Natasha Allegri is just as good at drawing comic as she is at animation, and Britt Wilson’s lettering has really started to grow on me. My little sister dug this comic a lot, too.

Harbinger #0 written by Joshua Dysart, drawn by Mico Suayan & Pere Perez, colored by Brian Reber, lettered by Dave Lanphear and Rob Steen:

“Better to kill the weak.”

It’s going to take a lot to get me to dislike Dysart’s writing after his phenomenal Unknown Soldier run; I’m in the tank for this series until Dysart starts reaching Chuck Austen levels of bad, so evaluating the writing in this is a fool’s game.  However, the art is another story: the flashback sequence by Mico Suayan is solid, but the present scenes suffer from  awkward coloring. While it’s clearly intended to differentiate the two stories, the differences are just distracting instead. In general, I’ve just not been a fan of the coloring in most of Valiant’s books: it’s attempting to look realistic, which is fine, but I tend to prefer coloring that takes advantage of a medium that doesn’t need photorealism or “gritty” and “real” colors.


Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #4 written, illustrated, colored, and lettered by Brandon Graham:

“That’s just building humor. It’s a disbelief suspension bridge.”

One pun is groan-worthy, 20 is funny, 200 is a poem. Graham is so good at comics, he makes everyone else look like they’re in the wrong business. He wears his influences on his sleeve while twisting them into a perfect creation that’s somehow all his own. He takes the long view on stories, which is perfect, because he can get away with it. I’d read 20 pages of Graham showing someone hanging out on a boat over 200 pages of actual plot any day. Graham’s comics are an inspiration. Look at them. He did it. Four issues of this comic a year is more than we ever deserved.

Ultimate Spider-Man #20 written by Brian Michael Bendis, drawn by Sara Pichelli, colored by Justin Ponsor, lettered by VC’s Cory Petit:

“I just peed.”

So, I guess I’m still buying this. Sara Pichelli draws a pretty phenomenal Venom, even if there’s one page that is really confusing, and looks like some figures got photoshopped in. Otherwise, damn, this is a good-looking comic.

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